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FREE REPORT: Benchmarking the Modern Meeting Planner

In a survey of 350 event professionals you will learn how you stack up against your industry peers. You will learn what is trending today with the modern meeting planner, how are modern planners using technology and the way meeting planners can stay on top of events. A great read is the “10 actionable ways to stay ahead in the meetings industry”. This comprehensive report by Socialtables is a must read for all meeting planners!  Click here for the Benchmarking the Modern Meeting Planner report.

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The Cost of an Event App

There’s an app for everything and that’s because apps are convenient and information packed. Apps are ideal for events, but it can be tough convincing the C-Suite that they can afford the cost. Take a look at this handy Infographic by clicking here.

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The Event App Bible

If you are considering an event app for your next meeting this handy free report was created for event planners. Packed with information there is everything that you need to know about understanding, choosing and implementing mobile apps for events. For example, you will learn about event app trends, benefits, purchasing factors, project event app timeline, what to include in your app RFP and much more. Simply click here for your free 2016 Event App Bible report.


Event Planning Checklist

Planning an event and not sure where to start? We have created a checklist to help you plan your next event like a pro! What are some of your event planning tips?  Download the Event Planning Checklist.

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Event Attendee Data

Do you have detailed attendee data? If not, now is the time to act and then taking action with the data. The information will show what your guests want from your event and how you can improve their future experiences. The best way is to track the attendee journey path and like a customer buyer journey you should measure the attendee journey from the beginning of registration to post-event, who they are, titles, etc. Take a look at this handle Infographic that walks you through the process. Click here to download.

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Productivity Tools

What if you had a few tools to cut the time you spend on booking appointments, focused you on the right things to do to drive your business forward and plan your next moves in a more profitable way? Here are four our favorite productivity tools. Try them out and let us know your favorite productivity tools!

1. – Free, Helping teams manage workflows

2. – Free + Paid Options, Simplifies the process of scheduling events

3. Free + Paid Options, Lets people book fixed length slots straight into your calendar

4. Free + Paid Options, Designed for notetaking and archiving

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Are you looking to capture leads at trade shows?

Check out these handy apps! Lead generation is a priority at trade shows along with finding new prospects and expanding relationships with customers. With technology, capturing leads, contact info “on the floor” at events has never been easier. We have found four mobile apps to capture information from those you meet and generating new leads at your next trade show.





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