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Dance Floors that Are Memorable

Outdoors or inside, temporary or permanent, here are some of the coolest dance floors to encourage fun and dancing at your events.

Dance floors can help attendees and guests get their boogie on but they are so much more than that! They can help separate different areas of your event, use up extra dead space, and can create a focal point in the room. Many magical moments have been had on a dance floor but that doesn’t mean they are only reserved for dinners, parties or weddings.

An inviting dance floor encourages attendees to engage in addition to bringing an interactive element to your event. Plus, you don’t have to commit to a venue with an existing dance floor as many of these options are temporary staging or vinyls so you can get whatever effect you want that matches your theme, colors, or brand.

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Example Dance Floors Include:

This classy example shows how you can make the dance floor to be a feature in your room. With the tables and seating turning inward, this provides a boxed-in effect for guests to watch the entertainment or quickly get involved. The LED lighting and décor hanging above the dance floor also helps to make it feel more intimate in this large venue with high ceilings.

The unicorn event trend is big right now so why not also reflect that in your staging design or dance floor? It uses lighting effects to make an impact using colored downlighters, spotlights, and star-lit effects to create a rainbow-style dance floor. The use of marquee letters are also a nice decorative touch to give the side of the dance floor something extra.

Matte Signage

Matte colors and finishes are an excellent idea because you can also use them to project images, logos, or even animated sequences to bring your dance floor to life.