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LED/Lighted Event Décor

Creating Mood with Lighting

We specialize in creating an atmosphere that matches the tone you want to set for your event. Whether that be relaxed, engaged, excited, or enthusiastic, we use colors, shapes, toning effects, and angles in the surroundings.

Lighting Design Services

Wizard Connection will create a completely custom lighting package for your unique event. We have over 20 years of experience in transforming spaces to match your theme and always strive to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Considering the venue, layout, guest count, and design parameters, our expert team creates the lighting design you require. We are committed to providing artistic and functional lighting solutions and often in what might seem impossible scenarios.

Some of the areas we work and specialize in include:

  • LED Lighting Options
  • Battery Operated Fixtures
  • Outdoor and Water-Resistant Lighting
  • String Lighting
  • Stage Lighting and Effects
  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Pin Spots and Highlighting
  • Battery Operated Buffet Lights
  • Custom Gobos and Breakup Patterns
  • Lighted Décor and Dance Floors

Specialized LED Connection

Wizard Connection is proud to offer the latest and greatest technologies and highest quality standards in event lighting through our specialists at LED Connection. To ensure this high level of quality is consistently met, our products are engineered, built, tested and serviced right in our Orlando, Florida headquarters. LED Connection can provide your next special event with:

  • Globally-sourced, locally-built lighting equipment that is perfect for a vast variety of event needs.
  • Wireless, battery-operated products that save time and money while improving your event’s lighting efficiency and effectiveness.
  • A variety of lighting options, including:
  • Light fixtures
  • Retrofits
  • Reverse engineered lighting
  • Custom lighting effects
  • Battery management systems
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