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Foliage & Plant Rental

Live Plants from Our Greenhouse

At Wizard Connection we are specialists in tropical plant rental and leasing for commercial spaces, special events, and residential interiors. This is actually where we got our start and now as the Southeast’s largest live foliage rental business, we offer more than 40,000 square feet of greenhouses! Our variety of tropical and flowering plants and trees are perfect for all types of events including parties, weddings, sporting tournaments, professional meetings, conventions, and banquets.

Plant Rentals for Your Special Events

Foliage adds so much depth and warmth to a space. Whether it be a ballroom, tent, pool deck, beach, terrace or non-traditional event venue, we have trees and plants for any occasion. Many of the trees can even be lit up with mini twinkle lights or up-lighting.

Benefits of Living Plants

The properties of plants are proven to alleviate stress, inspire productivity, and create a happier and healthy work environment. Whatever the setting, plants increase the perceived value of the surrounding products and services. And they look good and make people happy!

Foliage Connection Orlando Live Plant Rentals

Foliage Connection is filled with lush greens that will bring the perfect touch of ambiance, dimension and comfort to your next special event, perfectly crafted by the creatives at Wizard Connection. Foliage Connection features a wide selection of foliage in various shapes and sizes perfect for:

  • Stage Set Enhancements
  • Removable Walls or Barricades
  • Accents for Décor and Props
  • Bringing Life to a Stale Ballroom
  • Simple Décor for Tradeshow Booths and Expos
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